Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine relates to all injuries related to athletic participation. Whether you are a finely-tuned or budding athlete or a weekend warrior, you want to get back in the game. But sometimes medical issues get in the way. Kadlec Clinic offers primary care physicians who are excellent in their ability to manage patients with musculo-skeletal problems as well as general medical problems as they pertain to athletics and exercise.

Diagnostic imaging

In the past 40 years, diagnosis of soft tissue sports injuries of joints has been remarkably improved with the advent of MRI imaging. Your doctor will be able to see beyond the x-ray, such as the knee, to diagnose a torn ligament or meniscus. In the shoulder, the rotator cuff tendons and labrum are shown with an MRI study. Along with the physical exam findings and a discussion about patient activity and sports goals, a treatment plan is discussed.

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