Please note

Patients experiencing symptoms of respiratory illnesses, flu or COVID-19 should go to Kadlec Urgent Care - Kennewick, 4804 Clearwater Ave (next to Winco).

Patients who need to be seen for illnesses or injury other then respiritory, flu or COVID-19, please visit our West Kennewick urgent care clinic, located at 9040 Clearwater Ave (corner of Steptoe and Clearwater).

Urgent Care

Kadlec Urgent Care services are available for times when your doctor’s office is closed or you have an illness or injury that requires you be seen right away. Let our our experienced urgent care providers help you feel better, faster.

Urgent care services

  • Minor infections
    • Cough, cold, ear pain, and sore throats
    • Urinary tract infections, skin conditions
  • Minor trauma
    • Falls, sprains, suspected fractures
    • Burns & lacerations
  • Quick relief
    • Shortness of breath
    • Joint & muscle pain
  • Diagnostic equipment, on-site x-ray
  • Lab services
  • Splinting/casting


  • Influenza (Flu Shot)

Kadlec Urgent Care is unable to treat workplace injuries at this time.

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