Q: What is the new reservation system at Kadlec Urgent Care?

A: Clockwise MD is a new online reservation system available at Providence Urgent Care clinics. The system allows patients to go online to reserve an approximate time slot at Urgent Care. The system is a tool to help walk-in patients avoid a lengthy wait at Urgent Care by choosing to leave and come back at their reserved time.

Q: Is Urgent Care an appointment only clinic, like Express Care?

A: No, Urgent Care is still a walk-in clinic.

Q: How do I reserve my spot online?

A: Visit: www.kadlec.org/urgentcare. You will see “reserve my spot” options for our two Urgent Care locations.

When you select a location, the current walk-in wait time will be displayed.

Online reservations open at 12:00 am for same day reservations.

Q: What if I don’t want to reserve a spot? What if I just want to walk in and wait?

A: Patients are welcome to walk in, and will be fit in as the schedule allows. We are experiencing high volumes of patients, so wait times may be extensive. When you walk in without reserving a spot, staff will look online for available reservation times for you to reserve your spot and return at your approximate reservation time. If there are no online reservation spots available, waiting to be seen is the next best option. 


The Clockwise program is effective at helping smooth out waves of patients arriving in the clinic all at once. Unfortunately, it does not solve the issue of current demand for urgent care exceeding the availability of urgent care clinics in our community.

Thank you for choosing Kadlec, and for your patience with us as we utilize this system to the highest level of efficiency.